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Jets Week 5 Anti-Game Ball: Defensive Line

NFL: New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost yet again on Sunday, which means it is our sad duty to give out the anti-game ball. Usually I try to limit the anti-game ball to a single player, but this week I am going with an entire unit. This week’s anti-game ball goes to the defensive line.

The pressure numbers vary depending on which stat service you use, but they tell the same story. The guys up front barely made Ben Roethlisberger sweat in the pocket. The Steelers’ offensive line manhandled the Jets up front. Given the Draft capital and contracts the Jets have expended on the defensive line, this is a unit that is supposed to help carry the defense. It did not happen in this game as an undermanned Steelers offensive line kept Roethlisberger clean for almost the entire game.

The defensive line gets my anti-game ball against the Steelers. Who gets your anti-game ball in Week 5?