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When Is It Time To Move On From Ryan Fitzpatrick?

There comes a point in the present when you need to look to the future.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When asked if he would consider a quarterback change after falling to 1-4, Todd Bowles stated that it wasn't on the cards. However at what point does it become nonsensical to stick with a Quarterback who obviously isn't the future? Is it at 1-5? 1-6? Or are we waiting until we're mathematically eliminated?

Nobody needs to be told that Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the future for the Jets. He's about to turn 34 next month and while Tom Brady may still be playing at age 39, Fitzpatrick is no Tom Brady.

Fitzpatrick obviously still has the support of the locker room. Brandon Marshall recently stated that he would go down with the Fitzpatrick ship. While I love Brandon and have a lot of time for him as a person, mentor and player. The harsh reality is that he isn't the Jets future either. I also firmly believe that Brandon will play 100% regardless of the QB that's starting behind centre.

I'm not going to sit here and say to you that Geno Smith will perform better than Ryan Fitzpatrick. I'm not going to sit here and say to you that Bryce Petty will perform better than Ryan Fitzpatrick, however the Jets need to find out what they have.

I really like Hackenberg, and despite an uneven pre-season performance I think he has the talent that you can mould. It doesn't mean it'll happen, it just means there is potential. However the Jets should avoid playing him at all costs this year. Let him learn, let Kevin Patullo (QB Coach) work with him on his footwork, and allow him to come into the 2017 season with his confidence intact.

However with a lost season, you need to find our what you have with Geno Smith, who's contract is about to run out. You may think you already know, but what's the harm in making sure. Give him a pass catching running back and two/three dominant wide receivers and see what happens. Before you cut ties with him, you need to make sure that you're confident that he doesn't have what it takes to QB this team.

I personally don't think Geno Smith is the answer...however I know that Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't, so there is no harm in making sure. If he plays poorly, then we get a higher draft pick and we know that letting him go isn't a mistake. It sounds simple right.

If the coaching staff are confident that Geno isn't the answer, then turn to Bryce. He's had some time to sit back and he should have a firm handle on the play-book. He has struggled this season with an injury to his right shoulder, but recent reports suggest he's close to returning. He's looked extremely inconsistent in the little I've seen of him, but again. I don't think Petty is the answer, but I know that Fitzpatrick isn' let's see what we have.

It's logical to me that if the Jets continue to lose, then a change should be made. If Bowles truly believes the season is salvageable then it makes sense to stick with Ryan. Despite his early struggles. We know he can succeed in this scheme and he's the best QB we have for right now, which says more about our roster than it does Fitzpatrick.

However when the season does get away from us, and I fully expect that to happen. I hope Bowles makes the decision to test Geno and or Petty. Lets see what we have.