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Pointing The Finger At Todd Bowles

The Jets are a bad football team. It's really that simple. However at the moment, it's also a badly coached team.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

You all know the story. We're at midfield, we're down by two scores and we have a 4th and 2 with under 8 minutes to play. Simple decision right? With your defence seemingly incapable of stopping anyone all season, you go for it. Not if you're Todd Bowles, you punt it away and you never get close to getting back in the game again. That's a poor decision.

I understand that with Revis missing, you want to protect the secondary as much as possible. However the Jets blitzed Big Ben on just 13% of dropbacks, that's a recipe for disaster with his ability to push the ball down field. The Jets became the first team since the 2000 Falcons to give up 3 TD passes of over 70 yards in the first 5 weeks of the season. That's a poor decision.

Todd Bowles came over with a reputation as a secondary master. However our secondary has slowly disintegrated into being a laughing stock. Only the Raiders are worse at defending the pass than the Jets. 19 plays of 20+ yards and 8 plays of 40+ yards.. At some point you can't just put this down to missed assignments. You can't just put this down to miscommunication. This is a poorly coached team who are struggling to execute a game-plan. That comes down to the players, but it also comes down to the coaches.

We've heard all about this terrifying defensive line, I don't see many QB's shaking in their boots. Wilkerson, Richardson don't seem to be making the plays that they once did and Pryor (despite his TD saving tackle) has taken a step back this year. That's where the problem lies...this team is not improving, this team is regressing and it's a real concern for anyone and everyone. We were promised a faster team this year, in reality we look as though we're running through mud in comparison to the rest of the league.

I'm not saying that Todd Bowles should be fired. Or even that his job should be in jeopardy. I'm not saying that. We've only just recently started over and I don't fancy doing it again so soon. However eyes are on Todd Bowles now, the honeymoon period is over and he needs to start showing himself to be the Head Coach that we thought he was. Making those tough decisions, being more aggressive and more aware.

Right now, the New York Jets are a bad football team. They're a badly coached team and time is quickly running out to turn things around. if we lose to the Cardinals next weekend, eyes will be looking to the draft rather than the play-offs.