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Adam Gase Hired by Dolphins as Head Coach

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In AFC East news, the Miami Dolphins have a new head coach, Adam Gase.

As with any new coach, we do not know how Gase will fare in the top job.

This does feel like a pretty good get for Miami. Gase is highly respected in the league. He did some really nice work with Jay Cutler this season with the Bears. During Gase's time with Denver, Peyton Manning called him the smartest person he knew.

Of course none of this guarantees success. We do know know how effectively Gase will hire a coaching staff, run the locker room, manage the game, or any number of parts of the job that make being a head coach different from being a coordiantor. The Dolphins also have Mike Tannenbaum in a prominent job with all of the advantages and disadvantages that brings.

I do think this is a coaching prospect with a lot of potential. It seems like a solid gamble.