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Jets sign CB Kendall James, G Craig Watts To Future Contracts

The Jets continue to add to their roster in preparation for the new league season.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Jets signed two more players to future contracts yesterday.

John has previously explained what a future contract is, but for anyone who missed it:

Every team is allowed to bring 90 players to training camp. At the end of the season, teams only have 53 players on their active roster. They are allowed to start signing players for camp the next year. The players they are allowed to sign are those not currently on an active roster, such as players on their practice squad. Teams may also sign players off the practice squads of other teams or players who are out of the league.

It is called a futures deal because these players are being signed for a season that has not yet begun. These are largely camp body types, but teams are looking under every rock for talent.

James is a former 6th round pick from 2014, originally drafted by the Minnesota Vikings out of Maine. Unfortunately he was cut before the season started and spent most of 2014 on the Vikings practice squad before moving to the practice squads of the Chargers, Browns and Lions. He'll now arrive at the Jets complex looking to compete. He's lean and small but he is fiery. He is also very quick on film, his strength has always been a question mark. The jets have previously worked our James in December.

Watts is a 6'3, 335lb guard out of West Texas A&M, originally signed by the San Diego Chargers after going undrafted in 2014. He was up and down on the practice squad, and got suspended in 2014 for using performance enhancing drugs. He is likely a camp body.