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Jets Offseason Begins Too Early: The Bad the Ugly and the Fitzpatrick.

Week 17 was not kind to the Jets and our hosts were also not very kind in the second GGN podcast where there's plenty of blame to be spread around.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Game over man, game over. That and season over for the Jets

Who do you blame for the lack of playoffs?

After the debacle on Sunday that's the question on everyone's mind. Hosts Sp0rtsfan86 and Andrew from PFF take on the tough subjects in the news this week including Ryan Fitzpatrick and his awful game against the Bills.  Also discussed: Revis, the defense as a whole, the special teams, and so much more.

Come for the Fitz speculation, stay for Andrew calling out GGN users, but most of all enjoy the podcast everyone.