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Jets vs. Bills: Pro Football Focus Signature Stats of the Week

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Each week, Andrew of Pro Football Focus (and now the GGN Podcast) sends over some key numbers for the game. Here is the 2015 finale of this series.


- Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 64% of his passes with both of his TD's against the Blitz. (11 dropbacks) However, when he wasn't being blitzed (28 dropbacks) he only completed 34% of his passes with 3 INT's

This is a case where Rex Ryan held back the blitz, and it makes sense. It was a bad weather day where completing passes was difficult.  Rather than risking one guy blowing a coverage and allowing a big play, the Bills sat back more and tried to make the Jets string together play after play. It worked. If Rex can do one thing, it is build a defensive gameplan.

- The Jets O-line did a good job protecting Ryan Fitzpatrick, allowing only 6 total pressures which tied for the 3rd least in Week 17

At least the ending was good in a rough year for the line.

- The loss of Bilal Powell was very apparent as the Jets only targeted the Running Back in the passing game twice

Powell had emerged as the third option in the passing game over the last month plus. Not having him to catch some short passes and make plays ended up being pretty important given the impact the wind was having.

- Quincy Enunwa was the 3rd lowest graded WR in Week 17 play. (4 targets, 1 catch for 5 yards and 2 drops)

And one of those drops could have been a touchdown. It looked like the Jets had a screen set up in scoring range. Enunwa looks like a contributor to some degree. He was definitely part of the run game as a blocker this season. He showed flashes here and there as a receiver, particularly late in the year. He needs to improve his hands, though.


- In possibly his final game as a Jet, Damon Harrison put on a show, grading out as the top DT against the run in Week 17. (league leading 7 stops)

Harrison is an interesting case. He had an excellent season. Do the Jets bring him back? Part of it has to do with the team's resources. It might be tough to retain both he and Muhammad Wilkerson. Can the Jets replace him? They don't have another true nose tackle in house, but no Harrison would open up more opportunities for Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Leonard Williams to play inside, where their talents would be best showcased. I am sure we will talk about this more as the offseason progresses.

- David Harris and Erin Henderson both graded in the top 3 among all ILB's in Week 17. Henderson for his play against the run and Harris for his play in coverage

Harris was an integral part of the defense. This was a true bounceback season for him, the best he has looked in five years. Henderson came on strong at the end of the year and started earning more playing time. He also has a track record. Could he be a low cost starter next season? It could make sense.

- Darrelle Revis allowed 5 catches on 8 targets for 80 yards when covering Sammy Watkins

Watkins caught 11 passes for 136 total. It seems like the game was not quite as dreadful for Revis as it first appeared. On Mike Francesa's show yesterday, Todd Bowles indicated Revis was giving Watkins a big cushion by design to take away the vertical route, and another defender was supposed to cut underneath to take away the short route. A few times that defender did not get there, leading to a completion. This still was not a good game by Revis, one of his two worst.

- Ryan Quigley was the lowest rated Punter in Week 17

With good cause I might add. His shank helped get the game moving in the wrong direction.