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What Was the Best New York Jets Game of 2015?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

There were a number of good games that the New York Jets played in 2015. Let's go through some of them:

  • The Season Opener was a total beatdown against the Cleveland Browns, and the team set the bar high by winning 31-10.
  • The second game against the Indianapolis Colts was a fun game because it was on prime time and it's always fun to watch your team dominate on prime time.
  • In the first game against the Miami Dolphins, the Jets publicly embarrassed them in London and got their coach fired.
  • The overtime win against the New York Giants was incredibly thrilling and sweet vindication over Big Brother in the Battle for JetLife Stadium.
  • Finally, the victory over the New England Patriots was awesome. Despite some miscues, the Jets really dominated for most of the game, and then the Patriots, and not the Jets, made a tactical error that cost them the game. Oh, and the final touchdown drive was just awesome. Let's put it this way; the stadium hasn't shaken like that since the comeback win over the Houston Texans in 2010.

So which is your favorite? I'd probably pick the Patriots game, but the Giants game was a close second considering how many of my friends are Giants fans. What do you think?