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Fitzpatrick Will Be The Starter If He Returns

Todd Bowles offered up a few quotes today.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Bowles ended his season with a news conference today and despite it being a disappointing end, there were a lot of positives for the Jets in the first year of the Bowles era.

One of the positives was Ryan Fitzpatrick, who out-performed all expectations, setting a single season touchdown record for both himself and the Jets. Ryan will become a free agent but don't expect him to be going anywhere.

Bowles reiterated today that it was a priority for the Jets to sign Fitzpatrick, and if he does return he'll do so as the starter. Hardly a surprising comment considering the success that Ryan experienced this year.

I fully expect Ryan to return to the Jets while we look for a longer term replacement, that may be Petty, that may be a drafted QB, it may be Geno Smith but I highly doubt it. Despite Bowles saying he was proud of what Geno did, which was largely sit on the bench and not complain.

What say you Jets fans, do you want to see Ryan Fitzpatrick return as the QB of the Jets? It didn't end well, but I definitely want to see him back.