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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Ohio State Running Back Ezekiel Elliott To The Jets

Let us move on from yesterday and look to the future.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last night offered up a tough pill to swallow. At first I was angry, then I accepted it, then I was furious and now I just want to move on. So I'll be doing my yearly head first plunge into the draft pool ahead of an important 2nd year for the Jets new management team.

We'll be bringing you a host of scouting reports as a part of our "scouting the draft series", but we're going to start with a mock draft from our head office here at SB Nation:

20. New York Jets: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

The only running back under contract for the Jets next season is Zac Stacy, who is currently on injured reserve. Elliott is an instant impact running back when he's given the opportunity, which he strangely didn't get enough at Ohio State.

You know how much I love Elliott. I know we need some offensive line help, but you don't reach in the draft. You take the highest impact player and the best player available. I rate Elliott as a top 10 talent in this draft, even if the RB position isn't quite as important as it once was, so if the Jets see him as the best player, you take him.

We don't know what will happen this off-season, will be bring back Ivory and Powell? Potentially. I would expect us to bring Powell back, towards the end of the season, we saw what his skill-set could do in the Chan Gailey offensive system.

Ezekiel notched up 289 attempts 1821 yards and 23 touchdowns, which culminated in a 149 yard, 4 touchdown performance against Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. He is an instant impact guy with bags of talent, he has a chip on his shoulder that will need to be controlled, but he's not the first talented player to be full of himself and he won't be the last. The Jets have a veteran team who can show him the way.

We'll look into it more as the off-season progresses, but right now I'd like that selection.