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Sheldon Richardson and Leonard Williams Go the Distance; Demario Davis Sits: Jets vs. Bills Defensive Snap Counts

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

In the biggest game of the year, the Jets had their best players up front on the field a lot. Sheldon Richardson was part of every defensive snap, and Leonard Williams was in for all but three.

On the flip side, linebacker Demario Davis, who started the year as an every down player, only saw the field for 16 snaps. This is coming after a strong performance against the Patriots in Week 16. One could take this as an ominous sign for the Jets future of the free agent to be linebacker.

The full snap counts on defense for Sunday's loss are below.

Richardson DT 75 100%
Harris LB 75 100%
Gilchrist FS 75 100%
Revis CB 74 99%
Williams DE 72 96%
Cromartie CB 71 95%
Pryor SS 64 85%
Pace LB 57 76%
Harrison NT 55 73%
Wilkerson DE 52 69%
Henderson LB 45 60%
Skrine CB 28 37%
Bowen DE 24 32%
Davis LB 16 21%
Williams CB 15 20%
Mauldin LB 15 20%
Douzable DE 11 15%
Miles DB 1 1%