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Ivory Gets More Snaps But Less Carries Than Ridley: Jets vs. Bills Offensive Snap Counts

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Chris Ivory got less carries than Stevan Ridley in yesterday's season-ending loss to the Buffalo Bills. It was a curious decision for a number of reasons, most notably because Ivory is a more effective runner. It was also a bad weather day where the passing game was struggling. A heavy dose of Ivory might have been what the doctor ordered.

Where the Jets trying to protect Ivory because he was banged up? The snap counts suggest this was not the case. Ivory was actually on the field more than Ridley. The Jets just didn't want to give Ivory the ball for whatever reason.

The full snap counts from yesterday's game are below.

Ferguson T 57 100%
Giacomini T 57 100%
Carpenter G 57 100%
Winters G 57 100%
Fitzpatrick QB 57 100%
Mangold C 57 100%
Marshall WR 56 98%
Decker WR 56 98%
Thompkins WR 49 86%
Enunwa WR 44 77%
Ivory RB 29 51%
Ridley RB 25 44%
Davis TE 11 19%
Bohanon FB 7 12%
Kerley WR 5 9%
Cumberland TE 3 5%