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Jets vs. Bills Final Score: Season Ends in 22-17 Loss to Buffalo

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets saw their season end today with a 22-17 loss to the Bills in Buffalo. The Jets finish 2015 with a 10-6 record. Despite the 10 wins and controlling their own destiny entering the game, the Jets have missed the Playoffs for the fifth straight season.

This was a rough way to end a good season for the Jets. This game had a whole lot of plays the Jets wish they could have back, any one of which could have won the game right down to the ball which Kenbrell Thompkins could not hold onto in the final minute of the game with a clear path to the game-winning touchdown in front of him. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three fourth quarter interceptions, one of which came in the red zone with the Jets in range for a field goal that would have put them ahead. Darrelle Revis had a brutal game against Sammy Watkins. The defense could not get off the field in key spots. Special teams was atrocious once again. There were key penalties. It was as ugly as the winter weather in Buffalo.

There are two ways to view the season. I'm sure tonight and over the next few days the focus will be primarily on the painful ending. The Jets played one of their worst games when everything was on the line.

When the pain fades, though, I am sure many will see the successes from this season. The Jets jumped from 4 to 10 wins. They added a number of contributors who will help the team over the next few years and a few who might help the team for a decade or so. The first year of a new regime isn't about winning the Super Bowl. It is about setting a foundation for success. And sometimes a bitter ending to a season can fuel a team in the future.

Mourn below. We will have plenty to come this evening.