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Jets Playoff Scenarios: Week 17 Rooting Guide

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland over Pittsburgh: The Jets have two paths to the Playoffs today. The first is either beating or tying the Buffalo Bills. The second is for the Steelers to either tie or lose to the Browns. The best way to get into the Playoffs is to take care of business against Buffalo. The Jets don't want to leave things up to chance...or a team as bad as the Browns. They want to enter the Playoffs playing good football. This is the other path to the postseason, however.

These are late afternoon games that only matter if the Jets win.

Oakland over Kansas City: A win over the Bills coupled with a Kansas City loss gives the Jets the five seed in the AFC and a first round Playoff date with the winner of the AFC South.

San Diego over Denver: A Jets win and a Broncos loss would also give the Jets the five seed and a first round meeting with the South champ.