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New York Jets: The Special Teams Disaster

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This past season, the New York Jets had their typically stout defense and a surprisingly consistent office (as the only team to score 17+ offensive points every game and two offensive touchdowns every game). However, the biggest weakness on the team was its special teams, which cost the team several games. As a result, ST Coordinator Bobby April was fired.

Obviously, the team needs to replace him with someone capable of turning the unit around. But the team also needs to completely overhaul the unit.

The team trotted out a cast of characters at KR, but choosing Zac Stacy (before he was injured) was emblematic of the struggles they had in putting even the most remote threat to return the ball. Jeremy Kerley provided more pop as a punt returner this year than normal, but he typically provides just a set of sure hands, rather than any game-breaking speed or athleticism. Ryan Quigley played well at times, but also was, in some way, responsible for the loss to the Buffalo Bills. Finally, Nick Folk will be returning from injury. He's also scheduled to make nearly $3.5m this year. Do the Jets stay with him or try to go younger and cheaper?

There are a lot of questions and not a lot of answers right now. What do you think the Jets should do? How should they address this glaring deficiency?