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New York Jets Offseason Moves: Free Agent Power Ranking: 11-16

A look at players ranked between 11 and 15.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

This is the third in a series of posts ranking the New York Jets' 23 free agents. Today we will look at players ranked between 11 and 15.

The ranking is simple. If money was not an issue, what would the order of priority be in keeping the free agents the team has?

15. Chris Owusu (Unrestricted)

I think Owusu has some talent. He might have helped the team in the return game if nothing else. He just can't stay healthy, and the number of times when his health problems have been concussions is scary. He will have to make a decision on his future. It would be tough to blame him if he walked away from the game. Gang Green can bring him to camp, but there certainly needs to be a Plan B in the return game if they do.

14. Jaiquawn Jarrett (Unrestricted)

The 26 year old's season ended on injured reserve in October. Jarrett might be worth bringing back. The Jets do have good safety depth on paper with Dion Bailey and Rontez Miles in backup roles. Jarrett would presumably be behind them. Depending on what happens with the linebackers the Jets have, might Todd Bowles use safeties as linebackers more the way he did with the Arizona Cardinals? It might be worth having some extra players at the safety position if so. I don't think Jarrett is a must re-sign, but he would be a pretty solid fifth safety to have. I would put him ahead of Antonio Allen because his high points have been higher.

13. Stevan Ridley (Unrestricted)

There was lot of talk about how great the Jets backfield was going to be this season with the four backs they had. It did not really work out that way. Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell had their moments but were inconsistent. Zac Stacy and Ridley were disappointments. Ridley didn't seem like he brought much to the table, and the team giving him more carries than Ivory in the finale will be one of the most talked about coaching decisions of the offseason. The only reason I even put Ridley this high on the list is because he was coming off a serious knee injury, and it is conceivable he could bounce back with another year of rest. I don't think he is a priority either way. This was not a successful signing.

12. Jamari Lattimore (Unrestricted)

Lattimore was a good special teamer on a team without much to work with. He also got some playing time on defense in a few late season games. It seemed like the coaching staff experimented with putting him on the field on passing downs. I was not that impressed, but Lattimore might be worth bringing back to examine this further in training camp.

11. Calvin Pace (Unrestricted)

If you absolutely had to, you could bring back Pace. He at least is experienced enough to know where he needs to be on a given play.The Jets should do everything possible to get more athletic at the linebacker position, though. Pace might understand his role within a defense, but he lacks the speed to get there too frequently. They probably should have moved on years ago.

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