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Cayleb Jones Scouting Report, Wide Receiver, Arizona, 2016 NFL Draft

Jones has a lot of talent, but a lot of work to do to reach his potential.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports


Hometown: Austin, Texas
High School: Austin High School
Recruitment: 4-Star Recruit by ESPN, 4-Star recruit by Rivals
Injuries/Discipline: Broke another student's jaw while at Texas, 2 year probation as a result and transferred to Arizona for a fresh start.


2015 All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215
Class: Redshirt Junior
Projected 40 Time: 4.60


2015: 56 receptions, 907 yards, 16.2 average, 5 TD's
2014: 73 receptions, 1019 yards, 14.0 average, 9 TD's
2013: Redshirt due to transfer to Arizona.
2012: 1 reception, 23 yards (Texas)


• Prototypical size for a #1 receiver
• Good length
• Very quick acceleration off the line
• Plays with good balance
• High points the ball, very good vertical.
• Catches the ball cleanly
• Good heritage, son of Robert Jones (10 year NFL Linebacker)


• Needs to play more physical
• Doesn't always use his size to his advantage
• How good is his straight line speed?
• Needs to show more effort run blocking
• Needs to polish his route running.


Wide receivers in the middle rounds are always interesting. Every year a rookie wide receiver who was drafted in the 3rd round or later breaks through in the NFL, and everyone points the finger at teams who overlooked the particular player on several occasions. That player could be Cayleb Jones in 2016. I personally thought that he was going to return to Arizona after his stats declined from 2014 to 2015. However he has officially declared for the 2016 draft.

Looking past the assault charges that were later reduced to a misdemeanour, there are aspects to Jones game that you love, and aspects you don't. He could easily go on to have a better NFL career than a college career; he has all the tools you'd want. However his lack of physicality is a concern, he's strong enough, but does he have that desire. He left Texas after his arrest which resulted in him falling down the depth chart, he didn't want to stay and fight for his spot while proving he wasn't a problem.

He's the kind of player that if he lands in the right spot he could be pretty special. Right now he's probably looking at the 3rd, 4th or 5th round depending on how he times at the combine, but he has a ton of talent and if he can put it all together, someone will get a steal.

Draft Grade: 65

90-100 = Exceptional Talent
80-90 = Impact Player
70-80 = NFL Starter
60-70 = Solid NFL Potential
50-60 = Draftable - Lot of work needed
>50 = Undraftable, - Long Shot To Stick