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Brandon Marshall Played With High Ankle Sprain

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Marshall had a record-setting season for the Jets. As Dom Cosentino transcribes, Marshall has revealed his production came despite dealing with a high ankle sprain.

"I had a high ankle sprain this year, and it put me down for four weeks," Marshall said Tuesday night on Showtime's "Inside the NFL," on which he's a regular panelist. "I was able to go out there [and] still draw coverage because teams didn't know what I could do; they didn't know the severity of my injury.

"But when you have an ankle at the wide receiver position, you're pretty much dead in the water."

High ankle sprains are brutal. Calvin Pryor suffered one in the team's first game against the Patriots. He missed three games, and his recovery was considered very quick.

You have to give Marshall a lot of credit for continuing to go out there and battle for the team on what must have been a painful injury.