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Rams Heading Back to Los Angeles; Chargers Might Follow

Mike Powell/Getty Images

NFL owners voted tonight to move the Rams from St. Louis back to Los Angeles. LA was the home of the Rams from 1946 through 1994.

In addition, the league has given the Chargers the option to join them.

It is a sad day when fans lose their team. If one team had to move, the Rams seem like the right choice. After all, a lot of the fans in Los Angeles celebrating the return of the Rams had to put up with their team moving to St. Louis two decades ago, and St. Louis' joy then came at LA's expense. Still, your heart goes out for fans in St. Louis.

It sounds likely the Chargers are on their way out of San Diego too so your heart aches for their fans.

The Raiders were the third team in the mix to move to Los Angeles. I am glad they will stay in Oakland, where they have history. I know they also have history in Los Angeles, but that team's root are in Oakland. There was also a lot of talk of them moving with the Chargers and sliding over the NFC, which would have destroyed classic rivalries with the Chiefs and Broncos.

This is the first NFL franchise relocation since the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee in 1997.