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New York Jets Offseason Moves: Free Agent Power Ranking: 21-23

A look at the very bottom of the list.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

This is the first in a series of posts ranking the New York Jets' 23 free agents. Today we will look at the very bottom of the list, players ranked between 21 and 23.

The ranking is simple. If money was not an issue, what would the order of priority be in keeping the free agents the team has?

23. Darrin Walls (Unrestricted)

It is kind of tough to believe Walls stuck with the team as long as he did. In a backup buried on the depth chart, you want one of two things, the ability to play well or potential. Walls had neither. He was arguably the worst starting cornerback in the league in 2014 as part of the vaunted secondary John Idzik put together. There also was not much upside since he was already 27. He also made more than the minimum. Walls saw sparing playing time this season, but he was mediocre during the few instances injury forced him into the lineup. There really is not any reason to bring him back. He has been on two teams under three coaching staffs over five seasons and shown no signs he is capable of being a quality NFL player.

22. Ben Ijalana (Unrestricted)

Ijalana might have been first in line as a backup tackle. The Jets did not exactly have great depth up front, though. Sometimes the best way to judge a player is how his team treats him. The teams don't always get things right, but they have more information than anybody. Ijalana never seemed like a factor in the open competition at guard in training camp. He also never seemed to be a consideration to go into the lineup despite Breno Giacomini's struggles. These are telling things.

21. Kellen Davis (Unrestricted)

Davis along with Jeff Cumberland might have comprised the worst tight end duo in the league. Davis was not a particularly effective blocker. In the passing game, he only managed to catch 3 of his 11 targets and still dropped 2 according to this website.

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