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NY Jets: Buffalo Doubling Down On Ryans

Rex hires Rob. What could possibly go wrong?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Since 2009 there has been a Ryan in New York.  From 2009 through 2014 Rex was the HC of the NYJ.  In 2015 Rex shuffled on down to Buffalo, but he was still in New York, as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.  Now, in 2016, there are two Ryans in New York.  After a disappointing inaugural season with the Bills, one which saw them take a step back in both their record and their defensive performance, Rex decided that what was needed was more Ryan.  Gotta have more Ryan.  So yesterday Rex Ryan hired his twin brother Rob as assistant head coach in charge of the defense.

You may remember Rob Ryan's recent defensive performances.  From 2011 through 2012 Rob served as the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys.  Those Cowboys defenses were ranked 16th and 24th in the NFL, respectively.  From 2013 through 2015 Rob was the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints.  Those Saints defenses ranked 4th, 31st and 31st in the NFL, respectively.  In 12 years serving as a defensive coordinator in the NFL, Rob's defenses have been ranked in the top ten twice.  They have been ranked 22nd or worse eight times, and in the bottom 3 four times.  The record speaks for itself.

Rex Ryan's defense in Buffalo, one of immense individual talent, severely underperformed last year, perhaps the first time in Rex's long career one could definitively say that about a Rex Ryan defense.  Rex's solution?  Hire the guy who has routinely produced some of the worst defenses the NFL has to offer.  Buffalo now has two Ryans.  That may well be two too many.