Brandon Marshall -- The Queen Piece

I know what you're thinking. Your inner voice is saying, "well, that's a bit unflattering." Well... you're obviously not a chess player. I'm not much of one either, but I dabble now and then. And there's no more important piece in a game of chess than the Queen. It is the most flexible and the most lethal. It can kill any piece from anywhere. It can mimic just about every piece on the board, except for the knight. And because of it's deadliness, it is also the piece that draws the most attention. Quite often its not the Queen that "checks" opponents, but the presence and the threat of the Queen that kills. I think that Brandon Marshall is the Queen piece of the Jets.

Marshall's value won't lie so much in his production, but in the threat he projects to a defense. Dude is a bona fide monster. He's six foot four... and he recently SLIMMED DOWN to 230 lbs. He scares people. The biggest fear of any ball player in any sport is the fear of being manhandled. Brandon Marshall manhandles dudes. He does it to the best of them. Guys are thinking one of two things when he enters their area: 1) crap, I gotta gear up for this; or 2) crap, how can I play this off like something/somebody else is my responsibility? He effects team consciousness. He has to be located and accounted for. Coaches stay up late figuring out how to deal with him. He takes 5 yard curls and turn them into 10 yard gains by grabbing DBs in a headlock and giving them a noogy, and then pushing them off, and then dragging LBs and/or safeties around like plows through the sod.

Brandon Marshall is the Queen. You move him around in various ways. You push him around the board until you discover or create vulnerabilities. Keep defenses guessing by motioning him this way and that. Find mismatches to create and force opponents to overcompensate for. Accentuate the leverages. And if they can't load up to stop him..., check mate. And if they have to overcompensate to stop him..., check mate.

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