Week One Picks

This year a friend and I have decided to have a competition to see who can correctly pick more games through the NFL season. We are not predicting scores just win loss. With that said I thought it’d be good to get some feedback from the bright minds here at GGN and also start some good discussion. Each week I will try to post my picks and read everyone’s opinions and comments. Thank you all for any input. So before I ramble on any further I have;

Jets over Browns- this is a game we cannot afford to lose. If we do I will start to be extremely worried about our season. The Jets need to win any game that they’re favored in. Jets D shuts down a terrible Browns O.

Pats over Steelers- Tom Brady is probably going to want to set the world on fire and the Steelers D isn’t impressing me. Somebody check the PSI before this gets started.

Hawks over Rams- The Hawks are very much the same team and Foles is not as good as the Rams believed.

Pack over Bears- I think the Bears are going to be a bottom team this year and that’s not good when you have to play discount double check.

Panthers over Jags- I think the Jags will be better this year and Bortles will take a step forward, he can’t really get much worse. The Panthers aren’t a scary team but Newton can do enough to get the win over Jacksonville.

Phins over Skins- There shouldn’t be to many games the Skins win and the fish just like its AFC east buddies has a scary D-line.

Bills over Colts- I know I’m crazy. I think the Bills defense under Rex’s control is going to be a terror. I also believe Tyrod is going to cause problems for the first few teams of the season. It’s a tough road game to start the season for the Colts

Chiefs over Texans- Houston doesn’t have a QB worth a shiny nickel. The Chiefs have a Smith and Charles, enough to get the job done. The Texans might have the greatest current player in the NFL but Houston also isn’t a nobody.

Cards over Saints- Bruce Arians is a warlock.

Chargers over Lions- This was a tough choice for me. I’m going with the better QB and home team.

Broncos over Ravens- It’s tough enough to get back to NFL quality play, it’s even harder at mile high against Peyton.

Titans over Bucs- I felt comfortable with this pick till wilk man made some good points and I also realized that the Bucs were at home not the Titans. It’s tough for a rookie to play away for his first real game. With that said I trust Mariota to play smarter and safer football then Winston. This is a pick that may change with some more thought.

Eagles over Falcons- I really like the things Chip is doing in Philly. They’re going to be a fun team to watch this year.

Vikings over Niners- The Niners offseason has made it impossible to be a contender. Almost Idziked level.

Games I’m not comfortable with; Pats, Chargers, Broncos, Cardinals, and now Titans. Once again thank you all for your input.

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