College QB Series (week 1)

So, here is the deal. We will most likely still be in the market for a QB next draft. I also want to start watching college players a little bit more early on so this gives me a reason to do that. I am going to go down the list of top draft prospect QBs that played each week and give my thoughts. If there is a video, I'll comment directly to that video for plays that I see that stand out, good or bad. (All players projected round 1-4 by CBS)

Conner Cook - Michigan State

Played against Western Michigan who was a decent team in a low conference last year. Threw 15/31 for 256 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs.

Connor Cook vs WMU

Positives: Overall this game showed me that Cook is very calm in the pocket. Efficient even. Taking small steps to avoid pressure. My favorite play was at 3:20. A blitz came and had a free sprinting DE coming at Cook, which he saw plainly in front of him. Instead of panicking by throwing quickly or trying to juke the guy, he stays upright with his eyes downfield. He delivers a greatly placed ball without rushing and takes his hit.

Negatives: Only threw 50% versus WMU?!?!? Of those 16 incomplete passes, I counted 10 that were over the WRs head. Only 1 of them could have been caught at all by a good WR play. Combined with that, he didn't use his strength in throws. These were soft passes just going to far on 7 of them. Those are frightening when playing against NFL safeties. His arm strength may not be elite and had bad accuracy, or he was actually trying for touch throws that just went to far. I'm not sure which is worse.

Jared Goff - Cal

24/32 for 309 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT

Jared shredded a DI-AA team. His INT was a perfectly fine pass to a guy open by 3 yards. It hit the guys hands, then pads, bounced up to a defender. Not on him at all.

From the clips i could find, he threw the ball with zip often. He has a slightly elongated windup. Winston esque with a baseball start. He had a very good deep (45 yards in the air) pass that wasn't lobbed at all. This kid has a cannon. From the few plays with some pressure, he was unfazed and stepped into his throws even if being hit.

I am extremely intrigued in him after seeing his arm. I want to know if his accuracy holds up and pocket play stays strong against a legit pass rushing team.

Cardale Jones - Ohio

9/18 for 186 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Added 99 yards on the ground and 1 TD.

First video I found was of a 20 yard completion. Ball was passed hard and quite a good spot. The replay got a good shot of Jones' face. His eyes go straight to this receiver and don't move an inch anywhere else. He got away with this because there was only 1 safety on the play. I'll be keeping an eye on that (pun intended) on other plays. His TD came after avoiding a good blitz. Then, he just chucked the ball up. Not a bad play throwing to a very good receiver in a 1-1 when your pocket breaks down. Nothing special about the delivery. He had a long first down that should have been much more. He through the ball at the WRs shoe strings. Guy had to dive for it.

A lot of his plays came after things broke down and he rolled out. He showed decent strength and nothing about his accuracy impressed me. Every snap was from the shotgun (hate this).

Christian Hackenberg - PSU

11/25 for 103 yards with 0 TDs and 1 INT versus Temple that was 6-6 total and 4-4 in the AAC last year.

Hackenberg got sacked 10 times this game. 10 freaking times. WIth an OL like that, how could you do anything? His INT was a soft screen right into the hands of the defender.

Gunner Kiel - Cincinnati

18/22 for 233 yards and 2 TDs. He lost a fumble on a sack.

His first TD came on a rollout after a jump offsides free play. Easy TD. The second was a 47 yard TD that actually should have been intercepted. He threw it waaaay shallow and the bad college corner (you know, 98% of them) never turned around. Ball almost hit his dome.

Joshua Dobbs - Tennessee

15/22 for 205 yards and 2 TDs. Added 12 rushes for 89 yards and a TD.

His first TD came withing 10 yards. He stayed calm under a rush and delivered a hard on target ball. Longer windup than you would like on his throw. He had a big play over the middle. A step up throw that had a lot of gas behind it. It went about 30 yards in the air and never got high at all. His next TD was a great pass with touch for 18 yards. He impressed me with taking some off of it and an accurate pass. There was anotther long gain on a wide open WR. Dobbs looked the defense off very well here.

Besides the long windup, i liked what i saw here. Strong arm, showed touch when needed, and was very smooth with his step ups.

Cody Kessler - USC

19/26 for 236 yards with 4 TDs. 5 sacks.

First TD was a 61 yard play. There was edge pressure that Kessler stepped up to avoid. Followed by a 15 yard pass that the WR took off with. I actually didn't like this play. When stepping up, he didn't shuffle. He RAN 4-5 steps. Totally unnecessary and wasted time. A quick 2 step slide forward would have been ample and allowed him to reset if the pass had been difficult to make. The second was a bubble screen that went 19 yards. Third was a play action from the GL to dump it off to a TE. Fourth was a pass in the flat that went for an 8 yard TD.

The sacks. Well the first was a delayed blitz. But it was only a 4 man rush. When he saw the guy coming at him, he immediately tried to go to his right. Which was where his OL was blocking the edge. Not good pocket awareness there. Not like he would have avoided the sack if he went left. The second was holding the ball to long along with stepping into the second rusher to avoid the first. I think this guy may have tunnel vision under pressure. Third was a 7 man blitz on a play action. He properly covered the ball and fell forward to avoid something disastrous. Nothing you can do there. Fourth was 2 guys getting free. He avoided the first the stopped moving. Got blindsided by the OLB. This was a decent juke of the first rusher.

I saw no difficult passes. I wasn't happy with his movements in the pocket. They looked panicked and big. I'd be concerned about my pass protection as a USC fan.

Dak Prescott - Mississippi State

22/38 for 237 and 2 TDs. He added 72 rushing yards and a TD with 8 attempts.

Carson Wentz - North Dakota State (#1 DI-AA school)

16/28 for 198 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. He also ran for 70 yards on 13 carries scoring twice. 2 Fumbles on a botched handoff and a sack. All of this versus Montana (#12).

Only able to see some of the plays he made. My first impression is that he is very WIDE with his feet. His first TD was wide open. Just lob it up and you have a TD. His second TD was a hard thrown ball on a line placed short in a good spot in front of the receiver running a cross route. There was a 44 yard completion that was a dump off that his RB tore up the field. His sack fumble was on him (for the fumble). He got his jersey grabbed from behind. As he was going down, he didn't protect the ball. Wrap it up as you fall man.

His rushing TDs weren't anything crazy. Just a good play call and he is decently athletic. Think Luck/rodgers running.

If you are going to come out of DI-AA you better shred your competition through the air. He was pedestrian.

Nate Sudfeld - Indiana

19/32 for 349 yards 1 TD

Had a very well placed deep ball for a big game on the sideline. Showed some arm again with his TD. A 57 yard pass (about 40 of which were in the air) was beautifully thrown. Hit the receiver in perfect step on a post route. Finally he had a 71 yard pass (of which 45 were in the air). Again beautifully lead his WR in stride. Ball got very high and dropped right where it should have.

This guy can throw an on point deep ball. 60% versus a D1-AA team is not good enough for me. I can't find more video so I can see something besides his long balls, which again were quite well placed.

Goff was the standout this week. He showed the best arm, and good composure. Cal plays a very VERY tough schedule the last 7 games. I'm excited to see those games right now. Goff improved a lot from soph-junior year. He went from 18 to 35 TDs all while throwing 20 less balls. His INT dropped from 10 to 7 and his percentage climbed from 60 to 62. Even his yards per play went up from 6.6 to 7.8. If those numbers improve again, he is a first rounder from what I saw of his physical tools.

Sudfeld showed good accuracy and decent arm strength. He has to improve this year. He was at 60% the last 2 years, went down in average yards and projected to only 12 TDs last year. He needed shoulder surgery on his non throwing arm. It's time for him to step it up to the next level being a SR.

Dobbs showed a strong arm and good footwork. Last year he played half the season with decent numbers passing wise. He scrambles often (104 rushes to 177 passes last year). I would like to see if his INT numbers improve a bit. There will be tough games for him this season starting next week.

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