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Cleveland Browns: Three Things to Watch For

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

With the upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns, naturally we are all going to be watching the New York Jets with the hopes of a preview for the rest of the season. Obviously we hope the team wins, but it's also important that they perform well in the process; nobody is hoping for a sloppy 6-3 final score. So what should we be looking for in particular? Here are three things I'll be focused on:

1. How does Ryan Fitzpatrick look? With reports that Geno Smith is participating in positional drills, he could be ready to go quickly. If Fitzpatrick struggles, which is of course possible against a strong Cleveland defense led by Mike Pettine, Smith could be back even sooner.

2. How does the defensive line look without Sheldon Richardson, and, in particular, how does Leonard Williams look? The Big Cat is due for plenty of snaps this season, especially with Richardson out. He's looked as advertised in the preseason, but can he do it against starters?

3. Will special teams finally be able to reverse the slide? Since Mike Westhoff left, special teams has struggled. I'm going to be keeping an eye on Chris Owusu, or whomever the team has back at kick returner, to see if the team can get some good field position for a change.