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Bryce Petty Will Be Number Two QB vs. Browns

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith was working in positional drills at today's practice, but Todd Bowles says his recovery timeframe is unchanged. Rookie Bryce Petty will serve as Ryan Fitzpatrick's backup in Sunday's opener against the Browns.

Veterans on the Week 1 rosters have their salaries guaranteed for the season. That might have been the motivation behind releasing Matt Flynn and Josh Johnson and why the team would considering signing a veteran for Week 2.

Saving money where possible is good in theory, but I feel like the Jets are getting too cute with the way they are handling this. I would get it more if it was a strong opponent like New England where the team was probably doomed if Fitzpatrick got knocked out of the game. The Browns aren't very strong, but Petty looks nowhere near ready. As uninspiring as Flynn and Johnson are, the upgrade they provide could easily be the difference between a win and a loss. It is not difficult to imagine the Jets making or missing the postseason by a game.

It probably won't make a difference, but it seems like a needless risk to me without much gained. This will barely save any money.