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Fantasy Football: What Are Your Strategies?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It is draft season in fantasy football. When you pick a team, what are some of your core strategies? I have two that come to mind.

1. Target top running backs: Over the past decade, the running back position has become more and more specialized. The number of three down backs in the league has gone way down. This makes the few featured backs worth a lot. The difference between the number 1 and number 30 running backs is a lot bigger than the difference between the number 1 and number 30 wide receivers. In the later rounds, I try to find backup backs who might carry the load in case of an injury or decline to the top guy. Sometimes it works for me (C.J. Spiller in 2012). Sometimes it doesn't (Christine Michael last year).

2. Neglect defense: A lot of people I know say it is important to get a top defense early. I don't agree. The last two rounds are always where I get my defense and my kicker. There just isn't that big of a difference in points. I feel like I can either find a sleeper defense ready to emerge or just play the matchups by scanning the waiver wire and finding a defense likely to do well that week.

What are your strategies?

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