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New York Jets: Nobody Cut Was Claimed Off Waivers

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Walder notes how nobody the Jets cut yesterday was claimed on waivers.

The other 31 teams were all given a chance to claim the players the Jets cut. All they had to do was tell the league they wanted that player, and that player would have been theirs. These teams would not have had to give the Jets anything. Not a single team wanted a player the Jets let go.

I think this is just a good reminder. We all might be disappointed about a player the Jets cut here or there, but these are bottom of the roster players. The odds are against any of them making an impact, and the rest of the league does not view these players are great commodities either.

Take Rontez Miles. I was a little disappointed the Jets let him go. I thought he earned a spot on the team, and I wanted to see what he could do.

Let's keep things in perspective, though. Miles is 26 years old. This is the third straight year he was in Jets camp. Safety has not exactly been a strength in any of these years. He has now been cut three times by two different coaching staffs.

It goes deeper. Aside from a couple of brief trips to the active roster, he spent the last two seasons on the practice squad. Practice squad players are allowed to sign with any team in the league. That means Miles was available for almost two seasons to all 32 teams. The teams that needed a safety the most all had plenty of time to bring him aboard. All they had to do was give him a minimum contract. None did.

Is it possible Miles could prove the league wrong? Might he be a diamond in the rough that got overlooked? Yes.

How high are the odds all 32 teams in the NFL were dead wrong? They are pretty low.

This is just something to keep in mind. You can be disappointed a certain player did not get a chance with the team, but keep perspective on how stacked the odds are against that player.