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Jets vs. Eagles Preview: Prepare for Tebow and Barkley

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon over at SB Nation's Eagles blog, Bleeding Green Nation, was kind enough to answer five of my questions about his team in preparation for tonight's game.

1. How long are we expecting to see players of importance for the Eagles if at all?

Don’t expect to see many key Eagles players. The only two players to watch include wide receiver Josh Huff and Kiko Alonso. Then again, Alonso was supposed to make his Eagles debut last week and it didn’t happen so who knows. These players will probably be only be playing a series or two if they do suit up.

2. Is there a fringe player you really want to see make the roster?

The fringe players who interest me probably won’t be able to make the roster due to too many players being ahead of them. At running back, undrafted free agent Raheem Mostert is behind DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles, and Kenjon Barner. Division III wide receiver Rasheed Bailey, who grew up an Eagles fan, is on the outside looking in with Philadelphia already likely keeping six other wide receivers. It would be ideal for either player to earn a roster spot instead of being exposed to waivers and the practice squad, but that’s probably how it’s going to have to be.

3. Take us through some of the top roster spot battles.

At this point, most battles are settled. There was a competition at starting cornerback between Nolan Carroll and Eric Rowe but Carroll seems to be the favorite on the outside now after Rowe has struggled at times. The Eagles are still likely trying to sort through their offensive line depth. There’s a battle for a fifth safety spot that may or may no exist depending on whether fringe players Ed Reynolds and Jerome Couplin step up. And then there’s the biggest one of all: Tim Tebow versus Matt Barkley. The team has seemed ready to move on from Barkley for a while now, so it looks like Tebow is probably going to stick around.

4. Will we see Tebow?

Speaking of Tebow … yes. Chip Kelly didn’t reveal the team’s plan for splitting up the snaps but he did say Barkley will start. I’m guessing Barkley gets the first half while Tebow gets the second half.

5. This isn't game-related, but I have to ask your views on Chip Kelly's wild offseason.

How much time do you have? I could write a book!

The simple version: I think Chip made the right call by trying to upgrade the quarterback position and trying to revamp the run game. The Eagles’ rushing attack last year with LeSean McCoy wasn’t as effective as it needed to be. And Foles clearly just wasn’t the answer at quarterback. It’s early, but the Eagles’ rushing attack looks good again. That was the key to Philadelphia’s offense being so success in 2013. The improved run game should take pressure off Bradford, who has had a fantastic summer and could be Philadelphia’s long-term franchise quarterback should he continue to stay healthy and play well.