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Jets vs. Eagles Preview: Five Things to Watch

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason finale for the Jets is tonight against the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are five things to watch.

1. Matt Flynn vs. Josh Johnson

The two veteran quarterbacks are supposed to see action tonight. It feels like a competition. The loser gets cut immediately. The winner gets cut in a few weeks once Geno Smith is healthy.

2. Walter Powell's Returns

Powell has registered a couple of big returns so far in the preseason. His path to a roster spot probably depends on his ability to convince the coaching staff he can contribute as a returner. Another big run back might seal a spot for him. Powell's path to the roster was made easier by Jace Amaro's injury. Amaro's trip to IR could convince the Jets to view Quincy Enunwa more as a tight end, which could open up another receiver spot.

3. Offensive Line

It is difficult to get a read on where the offensive line stands. We know the five starters. After that, things are murky. This is a last chance for players vying for backup spots to show something. It is an interesting dynamic. An offensive line can only function well when working as a unit. The players are going to have to work in unison with competitors for roster spots. The key might simply be avoiding blown assignments.

4. Avoiding Injuries

The real way to win in preseason is to not suffer injuries. Todd Bowles indicated he might play some starters. They are unlikely to play deep into the game, but potentially valuable backups are going to see time. Just hope everybody comes through this unscathed.

5. Breakout Player

Sometimes a standout performance in the final preseason game can earn a player a roster spot.