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Making Adjustments

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more underrated skills a coaching staff can have (or lack) is the ability to make halftime adjustments. If a team has you figured out, or if your game plan isn't working to start the game, good halftime adjustments can make the difference. It's something that the New York Jets, and many teams across the league, have struggled with. However, one positive that I've noticed of the Todd Bowles-era team is that it looks, early on, like they've been adept at making halftime adjustments.

Against the Cleveland Browns, the score going into halftime was 14-10, Jets. Coming out of the half, the Jets scored on their next three possessions, and the Browns turned the ball over twice on theirs, and punted once. They finished the game by scoring an additional 17 points and holding the Browns scoreless.

Against the Indianapolis Colts, the score going into halftime was 10-0, Jets. Coming out of the half, the Jets forced two consecutive turnovers, and another interception later on, before scoring twice, ending the game 20-7.

Against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jets were struggling desperately going into halftime, losing 24-7, with their only score coming in the last two minutes of the half. After halftime, they held the Eagles scoreless, including six punts and a forced fumble. Although the Jets made a number of mistakes, including two interceptions, that doomed them, they were able to get the game to within a touchdown, finishing 24-17.

So while there is much football to be played, it's encouraging that the early signs show the team is doing well at regrouping and executing better after the half.