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Jets Anti-Game Ball Week 3: Demario Davis

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Jets lost for the first time this season so we have the unfortunate duty to hand out the first anti-game ball of the season.

When possible, I try to avoid giving either a game ball or an anti-game ball to somebody who has recently gotten one or to the quarterback. With that in mind, it would be easy to give it to Ryan Fitzpatrick for his miserable outing. There were plenty of other culprits, though, so it is not difficult to find somebody else deserving.

I am going with Demario Davis. It was a very rough game for the inside linebacker. He was beaten cleanly in coverage for an Eagles touchdown. Later in the game, he was flagged for a key personal foul. While it was a bit of a tough call, Davis put himself in a position to draw a flag by needlessly pounding Darren Sproles into the ground to finish a tackle. This set up another Eagles touchdown.

While Davis posted a lot of tackles in this game, it seemed like he missed a number of assignments and other tackles that were there to be made.

For these reasons, Davis gets my anti-game ball. Who gets yours?