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Jets vs. Eagles Final Score: Philly Wins 24-17

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost to the Eagles today at the Meadowlands by a 24-17 score. New York falls to 2-1 in the 2015 season.

I think there is a tendency to get too high after a win and too low after a loss. Some people probably overreacted after the win against the Colts Monday night. If you thought a win was in the bag against the Eagles because the Jets looked great in the first two games, and the Eagles looked terrible, you don't really understand how the NFL works.

I am sure now we will see plenty predictions of doom. We are going to see panic and calls for a quarterback change.

I'm going to suggest the Jets aren't the team we saw in Week 1, the team we saw in Week 2, or the team we saw in Week 3.  They are a combination of the team we have seen through first three weeks. They're good enough to crush an opponent like the Browns. They're good enough to play a big game on the road. And they are limited enough by their quarterback situation to lose a home game that appears winnable, particularly when Eric Decker and Chris Ivory are out. By the way, that iprobably sn't going to change no matter which of the two limited quarterbacks they choose play.

So I can understand losing this game. What disappointed me was the lethargic start. The Jets started this game like a team that does not handle prosperity well. We saw blown assignments, missed tackles, and poor communication. We saw Brandon Marshall make a really dumb lateral attempt to set up the Eagles touchdown that ultimately proved to be the winning margin.

You can mourn below. I'll have the official recap up after the late afternoon set of games.