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Helmet Stickers: Jets vs. Browns

A retrospective

John Munson/NJ Advance Media for TODAY Sports

I noticed recently that some GGNers were missing the Helmet Stickers series, so I thought I'd dust it off and start with a retrospective of week 1's win over the Browns. I'll be giving out 3 stars to the 3 players who, in my mind, were the stars for the Jets in that particular game. The first place star is worth 10 points, the second place star is worth 5 points, and the third place star is worth 2 points. I will be keeping a running tab on points for each player to see which players were the stars of the season. So on to the stickers:

Third Star Tie: Chris Ivory (20 attempts, 96 yards, 4.6 yards per carry, 2TDs, 1 reception for 9 yards)

The offensive line helped open some lanes for Ivory, but he also showed excellent vision and power. He had an excellent touchdown run called back and followed it up with another excellent touchdown run. Ivory is a very limited player, but he is easily one of the best power backs in football right now. He may not be a bellcow-type back, but he is definitely a valuable asset in the running game.

Third Star Tie: Marcus Williams (3 tackles, 3 passes defensed, 1 interception returned 18 yards)

Williams had easily the best game of his career in relief of Antonio Cromartie. Finishing with 3 tackles and 3 passes defensed, Williams had a major impact on limiting the Browns' offense. Then he sealed the game with a great interception and return, essentially putting the final nail in the Browns' coffin. A highly impressive game for a backup second year UDFA corner playing across from Revis. He might rank higher if he hadn't been lining up against a bottom 3 receiving corps.

Second Star: Calvin Pryor (8 tackles, 1 forced fumble)

I was not very high on Pryor after a very poor rookie season, but Pryor had a phenomenal game. Apart from leading the Jets in tackles from the safety position, Pryor had one of the biggest gamechanging plays of the day. Not only did he devastate Josh McCown, knocking him out of the game, but he turned a touchdown run into first and 10 for the Jets at the 20 yard line with a great play on the ball. He did have a missed tackle, but he was so solid for most of the game that it hardly even registers. A few more games like these for Pryor could make the Jets' defensive unit unstoppable.

First Star: Brandon Marshall (6 receptions, 62 yards, 1TD, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery)

Brandon Marshall is not declining. Marshall was absolutely dominant while being shadowed by elite cover corner Joe Haden. Not only did he post solid numbers and an impressive red zone TD catch, Marshall had the play of the game. He stripped TaShaun Gipson of the ball after an interception that could have caused the game to fall apart around the Jets. Not only did Marshall hustle to make a play after the turn, he then simply out-muscled Gipson and took his candy. He then proceeded to run the ball several yards to get the Jets into scoring position. Simply put, Marshall was a beast. If he plays like that each week, he can say whatever he wants to the media.

So after week 1, the scoreboard reads:

Brandon Marshall 10 Points
Calvin Pryor 5 Points
Marcus Williams 2 Points
Chris Ivory 2 Points