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NY Jets: Countdown To Liftoff

A numbers game for Jets fans.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are 2-0 and looking like a legitimate playoff contender preparing for liftoff.  Let's celebrate with a little countdown.

Thirteen.  In 2014 it took 13 games for the Jets to generate ten turnovers on defense, the same number of turnovers the Jets have generated in just two games in 2015.

Twelve. As in 2012, the last time the Jets had two straight games limiting opponents to 10 points or less.

Eleven.  That would be 2011, the last time the Jets were two games over .500 at any point in the season.

Ten.  The Jets have cracked the Top 10 in NFL power rankings.  That hasn't happened since 2011.

Nine.  The Jets rank 9th in the NFL in points scored.  They've only finished a season that high once since 1998.

Eight.  The Jets rank 8th in the NFL in points per offensive drive.

Seven.  The Jets offense ranks 7th in the NFL in TD passes.

Six.  From the last Cleveland score to the first Colts score, the Jets went more than 83 minutes of football, or nearly 6 quarters, without surrendering a point.

Five.  The Jets have generated 5 turnovers in each of their first two games.

Four.  The Jets defense ranks 4th in the NFL in first downs allowed.

Three.  The Jets offense ranks 3rd in the NFL in rushing TDs.

Two.  That would be 2 straight wins by 2 digit margins to start the season.  And 2nd in the NFL in point differential.

One.  The Jets defense ranks 1st in the NFL in points allowed.  1st in the NFL in turnovers generated.  1st in the NFL in fumbles recovered.  1st in the NFL in interceptions.  1st in the NFL in rushing TDs allowed.  The Jets team stands 1st in the AFC East.

Zero.  The Jets held Andrew Luck to 0 points for more than 3 quarters to start the game last night.  Number of teams to ever do that before: 0.

Don't look now, but the Jets may actually have a team we can count on to contend this year.  And that counts a lot for the fans of a team that has been counted out every year since 2010.

Thanks for counting with me

It's been fun.

Always more fun

When we're number one

How long will this last?

I couldn't say

But at least we have

The glory of today.