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Jets vs. Colts Final Score: New York Wins 20-7

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into this game, the Jets had won their opener and lost their second game to fall to 1-1 three years in a row. That streak ended tonight. The Jets dominated the Colts in Indianapolis, winning 20-7 to start the 2015 season and the Todd Bowles Era 2-0.

The defense played a terrific game shutting down the Colts. For the second straight week, New York forced five turnovers. Darrelle Revis was responsible for three. He had an interception and a pair of fumble recoveries.

To be certain, the Colts made some unforced errors, including a missed Adam Vinatieri field goal and a Frank Gore fumble on the goal line when he was untouched. You know what? I can't tell you how many times the Jets were the team that made those unforced errors to lose games. They did not tonight.

Now comes a reeling Eagles team. There are no guaranteed wins in the NFL, but that game looks much less daunting than it did a few weeks ago.

Celebrate below. The official recap will be up as soon as I can get it posted.