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Report: New York Jets CB Antonio Cromartie to Play Tonight vs. Indianapolis Colts

Party hearty with Cromartie.
Party hearty with Cromartie.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It was a scary moment last week for New York Jets fans seeing CB Antonio Cromartie suffer a non-contact injury and leave the field. We crossed our fingers and prayed it would not be as bad as it looks. After finding out that it was not an ACL tear and mising some practice time, Cro is reportedly ready to suit up against the Indianapolis Colts, according to Kim Jones:

Hopefully, Cro is indeed healthy enough to play, and we don't want his injury to be aggravated. Backup CB Marcus Williams seems capable enough to step up, at least from what we have seen last week. I do hope he is in good condition, as well as not being a liability on the field.

How do you feel about Alcrotraz being on the field so soon for Gang Green?