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GGN Chalkboard: Jets Fly Over Browns Pt. 2

In the first half, the Jets started out struggling. By the end of the second quarter, they found themselves up a touchdown. Let's take a look at some of the action during the second half to see why the Jets were so successful late in the game.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

In the third quarter, the Browns had the ball in their own side of the field. The Browns were attempting to take the lead after putting up a field goal. Instead of keeping the drive going, it ended abruptly due to Marcus Williams.

Let's set it up. The Browns line up in shotgun with a RB right and a WR to the right. Two more WR are on the left, while the TE is on the right. Jets show pressure up front with 3 DB's and a safety playing cover one. Due to the formation the corner will be on an island up top.

Williams INT

Unlike the last time, Williams stays right on the WR even after he makes a comeback route. Because Johnny Manziel sees this, he tries to pick on the one on one matchup rather than let something develop. It's not a bad gamble, but the problem is the pass floats to the numbers and away from the sidelines.

Williams INT number two

Williams played great coverage the whole way and is in perfect position to make a relatively easy interception. He returns the ball to FG range, setting up the next play on the chalkboard.


The Jets drove the ball directly down the field culminating with a pass to Marshall. The Jets line up tight formation with Marshall split wide. Notice the one on one coverage. This is an easy read for a QB to make. I wouldn't be shocked if a run was called that Fitz could have run a quick audible to get Marshall the ball instead of trying to jam it in. Check out the defense.

Marshall TD

We all know the Jets threw a fade route up top for Marshall for the TD, but in this formation, you could have run anything that's a man coverage beater. A quick fade, stop route or in route could all have worked. This is simply a perfect defense for a quick pass to Marshall, whose size makes him tough to beat defensively especially when he's one on one like this case.


I've skipped over the Mauldin strip sack because of his injury. I'll use this space to wish him well, football and big plays are secondary to a person's health.


Let's end on a positive note and take a look at Ivory's relatively easy score late in the game that pretty much sealed the deal.

It's a relatively easy set up. Jets line up with 3 WR split out. Browns are playing what looks like cover two deep and man underneath. They bring the heat up with middle. Luckily for the Jets, Ivory's vision and good blocking allowed him to bounce it outside.

Ivory tD number two

The blocking is once again superb here, but it comes down to Ivory having the vision and speed to get to the outside. As you saw above, the defense was trying to prevent the inside run, and the second the right tackle and guard held their blocks it came down to the safety. Ivory outruns him and ends up in the end zone. Big credit goes to the O line who didn't give up a sack and also did a great job setting up blocks for Ivory and Powell.


Next week the Jets will take on the Colts, which is a good test for them. If they beat the Colts, it would show the Jets are on the right track. A big loss would tell us the Jets have a lot to work on if they want to beat good teams.