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Oday Aboushi Waived by Jets

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Oday Aboushi was on the suspended list for Week 1. Because of that, he did not count against the 53 man roster until today. The Jets needed to make a move as Aboushi came off the suspended list. They decided to waive Aboushi.

Aboushi started ten games at left guard last year after Brian Winters got hurt.

It is disappointing to see Aboushi go. It isn't because I thought he was particularly effective last season. I didn't. It is because he had a great opportunity to seize a starting job. While his play was not great in 2014, he undoubtedly made big strides from his rookie season. There was hope his upward trajectory would continue. Instead he did not merely fail to seize a starting job that was there for the taking. He couldn't even stick on a roster carrying ten offensive linemen.