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Antonio Cromartie Injury Update. MRI negative. Week-to-Week With Sprained Knee

Great news for the Jets this evening, as it is confirmed that Cromartie has not done serious damage to his knee.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Cromartie draped a towel over his head and as he was carted off the field, you would be forgiven for thinking a serious injury was about to derail his season.

Today the Jets received the MRI results and a collective sign of relief could be heard as it was revealed Cromartie has a knee sprain rather than any serious ACL or MCL damage. He is now listed as week-to-week and he has not been ruled out of Monday nights contest.

This is really positive news for the Jets. We spent a lot of money in the off-season upgrading our defensive secondary and do not lose one of those upgrades for a serious portion of the season is a massive relief.

We won't know the full extent and if he'll play on Monday until later this week, but as of right now, it's not a serious injury to Antonio and he should be back in a week or two.