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Jeremy Kerley limited to a single offensive snap

What does it mean for the slot receiver?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people were surprised to see Jeremy Kerley limited to just a single offensive snap yesterday with the majority of them going to Chris Owusu instead. If you paid attention during the pre-season, this wouldn't have come as a big shock. Owusu got a lot of reps with the first team and started games with the first team throughout pre-season.

However we'd be mistaken for thinking this is how it's going to be going forward, Todd Bowles clarified the situation in his post-game conference.However his second comment is the most striking. Todd obviously feels as though Chris offers a lot more to the offense:

He was in there. We had (Chris) Owusu in the game plan this week. That could be a different guy each week according to what we think we can do.

It wasn't so much about the matchup as much as the things we wanted to do on offense. They have good corners and linebackers. Owusu brought a presence. He can play inside and outside and do a little bit more in the blocking game. The overall package of Owusu as a receiver, blocker, inside and outside guy, and he can make some plays, was a good choice for us.

I appreciate that Coach Bowles specified it could be a different player every week. However he also specified that what Chris offers as an overall talent is a good choice for the Jets. When would you not want that more complete receiver taking the majority of the snaps? Unfortunately for Kerley, I think he'll continue to see his snaps limited, especially when Devin Smith makes an appearance, as he adds that deep threat to compliment the rest of the receivers.

Owusu finished with 4 catches for 55 yards and he put forward some excellent effort in the blocking game. Only three Jets receivers had receptions yesterday and that will obviously change, and the Jets did have a tendency to go to 4 wide receiver sets on 3rd down, although when they did that the majority of the snaps went to Enunwa (27 snaps = 44% of offensive plays).

Kerley obviously has a future with the Jets and you can't take too much from one game, but it will be an interesting trend to track over the first month of the season and it'll be an interesting aspect to watch, once Devin Smith returns.

Last year Kerley had 38 receptions for 409 yards and the single receiving touchdown.