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New York Jets Victory A Lesson In Momentum

Momentum is vital in any sporting event, but in football it always seems that much more crucial.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets beat the Browns for a lot of reasons. We were simply the better team, we committed fewer penalties, we limited our turnovers and we were more efficient in the red-zone (66%).

However momentum played a massive part for the Jets. Not only did we limit our turnovers, but we exploited the Browns turnovers. Turning the football over is horrible, it completely halts momentum, but if the opposing team score off that turnover, then it's a killer and it's hard to pick yourselves up from that.

If you look at the Jets scoring drives, it's easy to see why we monopolized momentum and easily handled a trodden down Browns offense.

Look at Ryan Fitzpatricks interception, it was picked off by Gipson, yet Marshall hustled back, ripped the ball free and regained possession for the Jets. 2 plays later Chris Ivory takes it up the middle for a 10 yard touchdown.

Johnny Manziel drops back to pass and sends a ball towards Hartline. Williams steps in front and intercepts the pass. 6 plays later, Fitzpatrick finds Brandon Marshall for a score over pro bowler Joe Haden.

Manziel drops back again, this time he's chased down by #96 and he fumbles the football, Revis recovers the fumble and four plays later Chris Ivory races his way into the end-zone for a touchdown.

We forced a turnover of the ball in our own end-zone with the Josh McCown helicopter which didn't result in any points, but that was again a massive moment in the game with the score tied.

Forcing turnovers is great and that's something we didn't do enough of last year. However taking those turnovers and turning them into points, and especially if it's touchdowns, that's the killer. If we can continue to take those opportunities we'll go far.