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Jets Week 1 Game Ball: Brandon Marshall

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets won yesterday so let's give out a game ball.

I think the choice is obvious in this case. Brandon Marshall made a great play in the first half stealing the ball from Tayshaun Gipson after the safety intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick. At that point, the Jets trailed 7-0, and it felt like the Browns were in control. The Jets could not get out of their own way. An interception to end a promising drive would have been tough to take. We do not know for sure how things would have played out, but it is possible things could have snowballed against the Jets. Their defense was having a tough time at that point.

What we do know is Marshall ripped the ball from Gibson, setting up a touchdown that tied the game and brought the Jets to life. Todd Bowles called it the play of the game in the postgame press conference and with good reason.

From that point, Marshall won his matchup against Joe Haden, one of the league's finest cornerbacks. Marshall finished the day as the Jets' leading receiver with 6 catches for 62 yards and a touchdown. This earns him the game ball for Week 1.