A Jets Fan's 2015 Season Resolutions

12 more hours, and the 2015 Jets season is underway. I hope to attend every Jets home game, as well as the game against the Dolphins in London. I also hope to be a good fan this year. Last year, I broke many of the unwritten rules of being a Jets fan: Assuming the Jets would make the playoffs based on preseason expectations, trash talking with many opposing fans tailgating at Metlife (including Broncos and Lions fans, gulp!), and even leaving/turning off games early. This year, I make the following resolutions for the season, and I suggest other fans make these resolutions as well:

. I will wait to call our 1st-round draft pick a bust until AT LEAST he has played 7 games.

. I will not curse excessively on GGN gamethreads, even if the QB throws a pick-6 30 seconds before halftime.

. I will not assume we are playoff-bound if we win our first game, nor will I assume we are headed for last place if we lose our first game.

. I will not play any drinking games such as "Take a shot every time Breno Giacomini gets called for holding". That's what did Joe Namath in.

. I will make no more than 1 joke about Geno's broken jaw per day.

. I will never, ever, wish an injury on a opposing player

. I will not call for Todd Bowles's job if the Jets do not make the playoffs this year. We are not the Cleveland Browns.

. No matter what happens, I will cheer my heart out for the Jets, and hope and pray they give us an adequate season.

Well now, I hope that I can keep these resolutions, although the 1st one seems to come naturally for many Jets fans.

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