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Jets vs Browns: Weather report

The Jets and Browns play at one pm tomorrow but a threat of rain is in the forecast. Should you bring the poncho or umbrella?

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

First off - I am a meteorologist, so I've done some training in weather. Second, this is a pretty tricky forecast. Here's what's going on:

A low pressure system that spans most of the east coast is currently chugging along slowly. This is the same system that caused showers around the area Saturday. For Sunday, the low looks to continue moving to the north and travel somewhere in our general area. Depending on the track of the low, Metlife could possibly end up in the dry zone or possibly be on the edge on the front line where all the storms would develop.

On that note, let's get to the actual forecast, first let's take a look at the models.

Here's what the individual models are thinking for the event:

NAM: Probably the wettest model of the group. It keeps us dry through most of the pregame but around 2PM starts showing isolated showers throughout the area. It paints a picture that by the time the game is over, the entire area around the Meadowlands could be wet with at least a few moderate showers. This particular model shows the dry slot (area generally to the south of the low pressure system) becoming dotted with showers instead of being truly the dry area.

GFS: The GFS is very similar to the NAM at first glance. But the big difference is that it does not depict the same bunch of showers forming in the dry slot. Instead it shows that area remaining dry throughout the period. So same setup but none of the showers

EURO: very different thought process. IT splits the low into two pieces, but keeps the showers well off shore. Instead it paints a picture that we may see a few spritzes during game, but anything would be on the really light to neglatable side of accumulation. We're talking about less than .10 and under which is just enough make you wet and miserable, without making it impossible to grip a football. It'll be slick but not awful.

Other models:

HRRR tends to be a little more like the NAM with the dry slot becoming "dirty" with showers. It looks like it also wants to bring a few showers to the area. Again, light in nature.

GFS/NAM MOS: These tend to also indicate that it will be a light drizzle affair.


Lastly, because I want to take a look at the experts at the National Weather Service, they tend to go with a low accumulation style event with 30%-40% chance that you see any rain at all during the game. They have around .01-04 inches around the area, which seems to be the consensus of sorts

I'm similar in thought: bring the poncho and don't be shocked if you get a shower or "heavy mist" event. Any rain should be light, but would make clothes wet and the body cold. My official forecast is around .04 during the game with better chances coming around the second quarter or so and lasting through the end of the game.

Temperature wise - we're looking at a high of around 74 degrees. Game time temperatures should be in the upper 60's and lower 70's. Winds will be in the 5-15 mile per hour range out of the west. That would put the winds at almost a total crosswind.

There's your weather forecast for you. Put as much faith as you want into the forecast, but don't come yelling at me if it does end up pouring or ends up sunny. Also forecasting a Jets win.