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New York Jets Return Flight: Familiar Cleveland Browns

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Note from John B: Please join me in welcoming Nicole Weaving to GGN. During the 2015 season, Nicole will be writing a post each week looking at familiar faces against the opponent.


For the Second time in 6 years, the Cleveland Browns have a New York Jets hand-me-down as their coach. First it was Eric Mangini, and now it is Mike Pettine. He is going into his second year as the Head Coach for the Cleveland Browns.

Pettine was originally Rex Ryan’s right-hand man when he was the defensive coordinator for the Jets from 2009 to 2012. He is partially credited with improving the Jets defense during his time with Gang Green, particularly in his first season in 2009 when the Jets had best defense in the league.

There are reports of past problems Pettine and Antonio Cromartie. Now on opposite sidelines, it is unclear how much tension remains. Antonio Cromartie did tell New York Daily News, "I’ve grown," in relation to their past, but they definitely are not best friends.

Pettine's time with the Jets left him familiar with a new member of the Jets' coaching staff. During a press conference on September 9th, Pettine noted he frequently went against Chan Gailey when Gailey coached the Bills. Hopefully Gailey has some new tricks up his sleeve.

While there is only one former Jet on the Cleveland Roster, Scott Solomon, the Jets will get to see some familiar faces from other AFC East teams on Sunday. One key foe is Brian Hartline, a former wide receiver from Miami. He will be a starting wide receiver for the Browns. On December 1, 2013, he had 9 catches and 1 TD versus the Jets. Other starting defenders that the Jets may recognize include Donte Whitner (from Buffalo), Randy Starks, and Karlos Dansby (Both from Miami). The Browns have lost 10 straight opening games, but at 3-0 against the Jets in openers. Hopefully it is the losing streak that will continue for the Browns.