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Costello: Wilkerson Extension Unlikely Before Opener

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Muhammad Wilkerson has set an unofficial deadline for a contract extension at the season opener. Otherwise, reports indicate he will play out the last year of his contract. Brian Costello reports the two sides are unlikely to reach a deal.

A source said there is little optimism a deal will get done by Sunday’s season opener, despite both sides wanting to work one out.

Wilkerson plans on tabling talks once Sunday comes and not revisiting them until after the season, a source said.

It is very difficult to say more without knowing what the Jets are offering and what Wilkerson wants. An ESPN report from earlier in the week indicated that Wilkerson was seeking J.J. Watt money. Costello's source says that is inaccurate. In contract situations like this, there is always conflicting information flying around.

If he does want money in the range of what Watt got or what Marcell Dareus got yesterday, the Jets should start making alternate arrangements. Wilkerson is a very good player, but he simply does not dominate the game to the extent that type of money demands. If Wilkerson is willing to work more in the Cameron Jordan range, the Jets should ink a new deal today.