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NY Jets: Who's Number Three?

The first two targets in the Jets passing attack are set. The third is a bit of a mystery right now.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into training camp the Jets passing attack figured to be fairly predictable in terms of who would be eating up targets.  Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker would be getting the lion's share of work, and following them in no particular order would be Jeremy Kerley, Jace Amaro and Devin Smith.  Every other target other than the running backs figured to be a marginal figure, barely seeing the ball unless injuries happened.

So, injuries happened.  And Jeremy Kerley seems to have fallen out of favor.  Now what?  How will the Jets adjust to the injuries to Jace Amaro and Devin Smith?  Who will be the number three target in the passing game (not counting running backs)?

The possibilities, in no particular order are as follows:

1. Nobody.  Until Devin Smith returns and gets up to speed, the Jets go with an attack that concentrates almost exclusively on Decker and Marshall.  Given the wide talent gap between these two and guys like Enunwa and Owusu, this seems like a fairly likely approach until Smith returns.

2.  Kerley's Revenge.  From what I've seen Jeremy Kerley is still a better option than anyone else available.  So maybe Kerley emerges from the doghouse and reclaims his role as the dependable third down guy who will burn you if you roll too much coverage towards the star receivers.

3.  (I am) Cumby, dangit.  With no other viable options at tight end (as opposed to H-back), Jeff Cumberland turns back the clock to the last half of 2012, when he was arguably the most effective weapon in a highly depleted Jets arsenal the last half of the year.  Not likely, but hey, stranger things have happened.

4. Chris Owusu finally emerges.  Concussion?  What concussion?  After bouncing around the NFL for several years and never really catching on anywhere, Owusu seemed to be making a strong push for the slot position ahead of Kerley before he was struck down with a very untimely concussion.  Now back healthy, maybe it's finally Owusu's time to shine.  He does have some tantalizing physical talents.  Putting it all together this far into his career isn't the likeliest of scenarios, but we can't entirely rule it out.

5.  Quincy Enunwa.  The jumbo sized wide receiver slash undersized H-back just had a golden opportunity sent his way, courtesy of Amaro's season ending surgery.  Maybe the longest of shots here, but perhaps Enunwa seizes the day and emerges as a quality NFL H-back.

So there they are, the most eligible bachelors vying for a date with the number three target in the Jets' passing game.  Perhaps if things work out the date could even evolve into a long term relationship.  Which one would you choose, and why?