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Mike Maccagnan: Ten Things I Think

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. I think Maccagnan did more to raise the talent level of the roster in a few months than John Idzik did in two full years.

2. I think a lot of the glow around Maccagnan is due to the natural comparisons to Idzik. We’ll have to wait and see how good he is. Almost anybody the team could have hired would be a lot better than Idzik. Even the oft-maligned Terry Bradway was a much better GM during his tenure. Mac could prove to be a big upgrade and still be mediocre.

3. I think the Jets added three game-changing type talents in Darrelle Revis, Brandon Marshall, and Leonard Williams.

4. I think the Jets overspent to bring in marginal upgrades in James Carpenter and Buster Skrine.

5. I think there’s no pleasing people complaining about the depth at certain positions. Maccagnan received abundant resources. He also inherited one of the least talented rosters in the league. Some of the talent came at such poor value (Percy Harvin) that it could not be retained. While I don’t agree with every move he made, there is little doubt the 2015 roster is of much higher quality and has quality depth in multiple places.

6. I think on the same note, it is totally unrealistic to think the Jets would have great starters and backups at every single position after just one offseason of the new regime.

7. I think anybody who says something like, "Of course the roster is improved. Look at how much money he had," has a very short memory. Just remember a year ago. Remember how devastating Dee Milliner’s two injuries seemed. A popular defense of the former GM was, "How is a team supposed to not be hurt by losing its number one corner." Maccagnan provided the answer, don’t have Dee Milliner as your number one corner (or number two or number three).

8. I think Maccagnan is off to a good start. I haven’t agreed with every move, but I have generally liked some of the big picture decision-making. That doesn’t mean I’m comparing him with Ron Wolf. That doesn’t mean I think he’s a lock to be a great GM. It means I like his first few months.

9. I think people are focusing way too much on year one. This season is about setting a foundation. The Jets could go 6-10, and I wouldn’t be too upset as long as I see certain big picture structural things come into place….because

10. I think the quarterback to lead the Jets to glory isn’t on the roster yet. That’s the ticket to success in this league. Geno Smith might be the next Eli Manning. Ryan Fitzpatrick might be the next Rich Gannon. Bryce Petty might be the next Russell Wilson. I just wouldn’t bet on anybody being the next Eli, Gannon, or Wilson because those types are so rare. Right now it’s all about building this thing up for when the Jets do get that quarterback. If one of those three breaks the mold, even better.

….and one thing I know.

I know none of what I said above ultimately matters. These are my opinions. Hopefully if you read this site you think my opinion is at least worth considering and on target more than it is not. Maccagnan will be judged on wins and losses and how successful his moves ultimately are. Any of us might be wrong about anything.