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New York Jets Receiver Chris Owusu Has a Concussion

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Jets wide receiver Chris Owusu has a concussion. Owusu sustained a head injury in Friday's practice, and Todd Bowles confirmed the injury last night.

On (Chris) Owusu…

He’s got a concussion. We’ve got to run some tests, so he’s in the program. We’re going to go from there. We have to run some tests

It's bad news for Owusu and bad news for the team. He was reportedly getting reps as the number three receiver ahead of Jeremy Kerley (and Devin Smith before Smith's injury). It felt like he might be on his way to being a contributor for the team.

Of course, that is still very possible. We now don't know how much time he is going to miss. Concussions aren't like hamstring injuries. Each has a different recovery timeframe. Hopefully for Owusu's sake, he can get back onto the field quickly and continue making his case for playing time.